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Welcome to,

We proudly present,

.:: RedDragonBlog ::. .:: RedDragonBlog ::.

Since we started sharing Development and Gaming Tutorials in past, we tryed alot of Content Management Systems.

None of these we tryed fitted our personal needs. Thats why we started to code our own Website System.

Someday we did look into alot Tutorials how to create an very own Website System. That's how it started.

After alot of different trys we throwed away alot of Scripts and started from scratch again.

This time we are almost happy with out current work. And we want to share it to the World. Maybe someone can use our Website System.

Keep in Mind that .:: RedDragonBlog ::. Is an very early Stage of the coming .:: RedDragonCMS ::., and it is still being developed every single day.

But since we are already using the Script for our Website, you maybe can use it too if you want. Thats why we sharing the Website System on this Page to you.

Since this Software is still in Early Access ( Development Stage ) You are using it on your own Risk. We can give no Warranty to this Software in any case. But we keep trying to make it better and better.

So if u find any Bugs please report them in our Bug Tracker. So we can take care of the Problems you may face.


Core System

A free and powerful Core Engine to run your Site.



Manage one or many languages with this System.



Expand the Core functionality with Modifications



Easy costumizing of the Design of your Site.

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